The new ICEage

Engine Room
1 Temporary Exhaust lagging now replaced with thermal blanket. This is a fully watertight engine room that required major effort to achieve! It is also airtight from the accommodation. Fuel manifold looks complicated but is very simple and Black Schematic plan is on SS Heater fuel tank above. No battery switches are in ER 2 Drill press is behind the engineer and the Firebouy cylinder beside the tool box. Engine start stop is top left. 3 Love that tool box!! 3 inlet blower top right. 4 suction blower top left. 4 Access to engine is complete. 5 Lift one board and shaft couplings and stern PPS are all accessible and in clear view. 6 Large 12 inlet air vent in top aft engine room allows sufficient air in without any fans operating in case you loose electric power. This has a reversible fan so you can evacuate hot engine room air after shut down and runs aircon air into ER if needed. Exhaust shut off valve, critical if engine shuts down in a seaway to stop back flooding.
7 Main and Auxiliary sea chests. Set to use engine cooling pump as 4th ER emergency bilge pump option.          

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