The new ICEage

  Full baton Mizzen drops freely into boom cover then just zip up. Can walk out onto Cockpit cover which is also walker 10 stowage.   Pilot house top has extra beams to support Mainsheet. Observation hatch to view sails from lower  helm position and pass up coffee to FB   Sailing rig works with floppers deployed. SS engine room inlet vent. Great cockpit lounge, cockpit light. This is a very secure area in any weather. Gas bottle lockers are Pt & Stb against PH bulkhead. Furling main- Turn the handle and the Fully battened mainsail just disappears single handed.
Duck board folded up, Carry three fish, Port side stern Anchor roller, TV camera to PH helm position,Flood light.
20mm heated armour plate windows, SS water wash outlets, opening centre window.
2nd anchor secure quick release storage, SS capped mud dam, SS Bulwark fairleads so mooring lines can reach opposite side bollard, Down roller for anchor chain. Extra large SS anchor gear. Vertical rollers on Pt. rope rollers so no chafe. SS chafe protection every is a 40 tonne boat with big loads! Ridding out a typhoon. Roll bar on Stb. Self launching anchor roller stops chain jumping off in heavy pitching.
 Port side removable rubbish bin. Life buoys inside rails and right by PH exit at sea for easy deploy and not getting ripped off against a mooring pile. Centre deck dorade vent has reversible fan to suck from or blow air into back of aft cabin in any weather when hatches are shut.. SS inspection port on it opens and then the emergency tiller is inserted so you steer from aft deck if the two independent Hydraulic steering rams should ever fail. Port anchor channel has SS bar on top to stop Chafe going to bollard. Deck port into chain locker allows observation and stacking when recovering anchor.
Cruising trim with all the toys except the Polaris FIB The best office in the world!
 50 Gall. SS petrol tank vented to Davits SS sheer capping. Lower 4Ħħ SS rubbing strake in this area is under shear cap so would hit a wharf and loos paint without it, if helmsman/woman ????
Zodiac- one of three boats that can be carried, plus an inflatable Kayak.        
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