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1 It all starts with steel!! That is the amazing thing about a is like a work of sculpting something incredible from basic materials. The white goo is used for x-raying all the welds which is done by the Chinese ship classification society. They also do the stability tests in the water when finished.
2 We use a complete steel cabin top with a lower profile.
3. DD46205 in the paint shop. The SS rubbing strake and bow doubler has to be fibre-glassed over before sand Blasting.
4 Standard 462 in SHM fibreglass factory boat yard which as a travel lift.
5 ICE in the paint shop. The SS rubbing strake and bow doubler has to be fibre-glassed over before sand Blasting.
6 First coat of Red! Love that colour!!
7 1st grade ISO marine plywood
8 Full solid laid teak sole..and fitout. I hand pick every sheet of ˇ°fine grainˇ± light teak veneer that is used.
10 Twice the normal insulation. This is the aft cabin and the two tanks are under the marina deck aft.
11 the shipwrights are real craftsmen with solid teak.
12 All anodised masts, booms, rigging, winches and flopper systems are shipped from Australia in two BIG crates. The spars/rig are all to Southern Ocean spec. The ketch rig is the way to go!
13 Retractable fwd. looking sonar has Ice deflectors on hull
14 Bow thruster has Ice Guard. The SS Doubler plate on the stem extends down under the Bow Thruster making it incredibly strong.
15 All tanks are fully accessible and the FW tanks have approved sight glass as well as the electric gauges.
16 Launch day..Lower davits are removable.
17 40 Tonne of boat underwater. It is a big little ship with 6ft draught making for excellent sea keeping and stability.

18 ICE is solid SS!
19 the 760kg batteries 12 x 2 volt Gell cells offer some real long term advantages over AGM. Like 20 years expected life! They are locked in a Fibre glass box vented to the outside, and secured in a steel cage connected to the hull under the aft Queen bed. The elec trician is standing on the batteries. FG lid and steel bolt down cage behind.

Propeller / Ice Fin /Shaft Cutter


20 Massive ˇ°stripperˇ± custom rope cutter.
21 Ice and Log fins and Michigan SS prop. The lifting lugs on the hull allow safe removal of prop and rudder in the water.

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