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Diesel Duck 462

The Diesel Duck 462 is a great Trawler yacht and incredible value. In the pictures and info on the web site, you will get a good feel for the boats, but in real life you will be blown away by the shear size and big ship feel for these rugged vessels. If you start to get interested and come up with a wish list, I am happy to offer advice and opinions anytime, so feel free to have a chat. Should you get remotely interested you then owe it to yourself to book a three day weekend to Hong Kong. while you are there in one day you can book a High speed ferry across to Zhuhai..80minutes..then 45minute Taxi to the Seahorse Yachts Factory to inspect the Ducks , have lunch ( Bill and Stella will look after you) and be back to Hong Kong in time for dinner if you like( I would have dinner in Zhuhai first..cheaper and better!). It is fun and will cost you about AUD$100 total for all the ferry and taxi fares during the day, there and backĄ­maybe stay a couple of days in China?? I can give you some tips..all good fun and the food is great!! ?

These are not your average cruising boats..they are little ships that turn heads!

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