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If you have made your way to this M50MS site you must be interested in a motor sailor. I have been Adventuring and sailing all my life and now believe that motor sailors are the way to have real fun on the high seas. This M50MS you are about to see is unique in the world. ICE is our demo boat and my Adventure ship, so if you are interested in a "turn-key" sistership , I can help you achieve that. I work with Seahorse Yachts in Zhuhai China to build these "one-off" vessels. They takes about two years to construct and will need a budget of around AUD$950,000. You get a lot of boat for that, but I know it is not for everyone. This boat is only available through me, Ihave an agreement with Seahorse Yachts to build them.

The Standard "Diesel Duck 462" (DD462) is where my plans started and in its own right, is a competent trawler yacht, capable of cruising the world in comfort. Indeed many of my friends are now doing just that. With a budget of around AUD$600,000 so could you. My role for the Australian market, is to advise you and help with your plans in making the final decision on placing an order or not. I know these boats like the back of my hand. I can offer advice and opinions before you make a decision to buy, what options to take etc. and advice right through the construction phase. I have an office/apartment just down the road from the Factory in China and visit often. It cost you nothing for this service. I do it to help you and Bill and Stella, the owners of Seahorse Yachts who are now friends.

Soon I will have the "Fisher32" motor sailor in Production in China. It was previously built in Australia and is one of the neatest little motor sailors around, so let¡¯s just say... Motor Sailers are US!!

If you have any questions, would like to inspect ICE, or need advice, I am happy to chat any time.

All the best

Don McIntyre


UPDATE¡­April 2013

¡°ICE¡± maybe for sale¡­Contact me!




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